Call Process Update

The Call Committee will be meeting in the next several weeks to resume the process of identifying the pastor whom God intends to be our new senior pastor. 

The first step in that process is to secure nominations of potential candidates from the congregation.  In the narthex of the church, you will find a bulletin board with a ministry description for our new senior pastor.  You will also find pastoral nomination forms.  All members of Timothy have the opportunity to nominate or re-nominate LCMS pastors whom they feel meet the ministry description. Even if you submitted a nomination last spring, you should resubmit that name if you prayerfully believe that he fits our ministry description.  To assist in the nomination process, go to the  "New Senior Pastor Call Process" page. You will find a link to a list of LCMS rostered pastors, including other essential information for completing the form.  Once you have finished the form, you may place it in the box on the bulletin board or turn it in to the church office

Nominations will be accepted through Sunday, December 17.  Those nominations, along with those from the Call Committee, will be turned in to President Hagan of the Missouri District, who will vet those nominees as well as those whom he has identified.  Hopefully, by mid-January, the Call Committee will be able to begin screening approved nominees to evaluate their fit with Timothy‚Äôs needs.