A Note from the DCE

We are called to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  On television we have often seen a sports star or other famous figure called upon to share what they are thinking and feeling upon their great victory.  With the reporter’s microphone in their face, and the world watching, some of these stars of the moment have acknowledged their thanks to God for making this possible, and given Him the glory.  We won’t likely be famous, but we too have the opportunity to confess Christ in a way and at a time that matters. 

Today our confirmation students make their confession in a formal way.  God placed them in the care of their parents since they was formed and born.  When He brought them to baptism - He fulfilled his promise to bring them into His eternal family.  Their parents, sponsors and larger family of God witnessed Christ’s great victory in this soul.  There was no media attention, but we knew it was a great day.  God deserved all the glory.

As these students grew, God gave them His Word at Sunday School, in worship and children’s messages, in VBS and in family devotions with prayer and at bedtime.  God blessed them with a family, friends, pastors, coaches and teachers to encourage their faith.  If one had a way to count up so many moments, words, prayers, verses, examples and expressions of the church – there would be a million times of God’s people giving witness of Him in their life through these actions.  In countless ways God continued to share His victory in the life of these students.  There was no video equipment to record it all, but it was God at work.  God deserved all the glory.

Many people, Christians too, feel like their lives don’t matter - and if they do, they don’t matter much.  But here’s the thing.  If you look back on your life, how many people helped you in important little moments of your life and faith?  If you were given perfect recollection, wouldn’t there be countless occasions where you were taught, encouraged, shown by example, helped, loved, prayed for, given opportunities, lifted out of a valley, believed in, redirected from bad path, hugged in need, brought to laughter and joyful heights, and given time with someone you knew just cared about you no matter what? 

You can look at the world with pessimism, and you will find statistics and reports to back that up.  But we also know personally the power of a million touches of the Gospel and God’s grace in our own life.  In His grace, God has worked to keep us in His Kingdom and in a church that changes lives and empowers us to live in such a world.  And we can be sure of His promise for our confirmands, and for us, “that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6b).  And God deserves all the glory.

…Mark Thompson