A Note from the DCE: Hope for the Best, and the Worst

You may have heard the common saying, “hope for the best, plan for the worst.”  The idea is when you plan for the worst you will make it better or even survive a disaster that others may suffer.  How difficult would it be to have a plan for every disaster?  You cannot plan for what you do not know, and the variables are endless.  The other implication is that hoping is an empty activity that will be found only in good fortune.  Can we engage in preparations for best and worst case scenarios together?

I hate packing for trips.  My mind goes crazy trying to figure out everything I will need.  Ultimately I will always forget something, or bring some item that just takes up space and weight and never leave my luggage.  My Dad was quite the opposite, not worried about things like luggage.  One camping trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, he brought a backpack my mother packed for him that he never opened.  Yes, we spent a week in the primitive and beautiful lake country of northern Minnesota and he did not take a thing out of his pack.  He wore what he was going to wear, and cleaned himself and his clothes at the same time by taking a very cold jump in the lake with a bar of soap.  All the family camping with him were so curious about what was in his pack when we all arrived home with this infamous piece of unopened luggage. 

We just don’t know.  What will happen?  What will our needs be?  What disaster will strike us?  What fortunate events will find us?  The future is something we can plan for, but without any real certainty.

Hope in Christ can travel with us through good times and bad.  We are prepared for both outcomes when we are filled by God’s Word and His work.  By His grace, He has bought and brought hope for us on our journey.  We are traveling with what we need in life for the unknown days ahead when we are in Christ.  God knows what we need and the right time to deliver us from the forces of sin, death and the devil.  Our hope is just as useful in highs as it is in the lows.  And when it is all finally and fully unveiled, we will rejoice in wonder, praise and thanksgiving at the fulfilment of our hope.

…Mark Thompson