A Note from Pastor Bill: Are You Cheerful about the Offering Today?

Many of us cheer on our favorite sporting team as they run, catch throw, hit, kick, defeat, as if they had accomplished the greatest feat in the world.  We put tremendous effort into our following and cheering.  But when we stand before Almighty God who created everything we see, everything we have and everything we are, it seems our cheerfulness wanes. 

The glory of what God has done and continues to do for His creation is so much more attractive to unbelievers when they can observe believers cheerful and excited about all that God has and continues to give.  The more cheerful we are for all His benefits to us, the more apt we are to tell others what He has done.

Several years ago, when Brenda and I were with Pastor and Mary Anne in Papua New Guinea, we witnessed their worship services.  One part of the service still stands out for me.  It was their time of giving, the offering.   I witnessed firsthand what little most people had.  Yet, at offering time, they were dancing and singing their offering to the Lord.  Sometimes it was a small coin, a folded bill, cabbage or sweet potatoes they placed at the altar of God.  I’m guessing at most of their services anyone of us could match their total offering with the money we have in our billfold or purse.  But I’m not sure we could match their cheerfulness.   

Though they- from my viewpoint were lacking, I realized how much I was lacking in my cheerfulness in giving to the Lord for all that He has given to me. Their time of offering lasted for almost ten minutes.  It was obvious they wanted the Lord to know that even though they were poor, they were still grateful and cheerful for all they had and what He had done for them.

It was humbling to see cheerfulness in such a pure form.  Cheerfulness not for an easy life, not for what God might do for them, but cheerfulness for the joy of daily life and for a life yet to come.

Would you like to make the time of offering a more cheerful part of your worship?

Pastor Bill