A Note from Pastor Bill: Christmas 2017

Thank you children, parents, teachers, helpers and leaders for your work and effort in bringing us the Christmas message.

There is something very special about a children’s Christmas program.   And this year, there is an added twist.  Since Christmas Eve is on a Sunday, this year our children’s program will be during our 2nd service.  You are invited to come and hear the children proclaim the Christmas message.  I’m praying for a standing room only crowd.  When children tell the Christmas story there is something so authentic in their proclamation.  I asked a couple of them, “How do you know Jesus was born in Bethlehem?”  No question in their mind, “Because God says so.” 

Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; yes, Father for such was your gracious will.” Children are perhaps unlikely candidates to understand the Christmas message they are proclaiming.  Maybe not wise in the eyes of the world, but they are wise when it comes to knowing Jesus as the Christ child. Nothing has to be worked out in their mind, Jesus the Son of God is the baby in the manger.  And He has come to save His people from their sins.  And the children know they are His people.

As I make visits to nursing homes, it is remarkable how some people return to their child like faith.  They may forget names of their family.   They may miss dinner or forget what day it is.  They may tell the same story over and over again not remembering they had just told you.  But when they sing Christmas carols, they never miss a word.  Their eyes sparkle as they sing “Joy to the World.”  A small tear may roll down their cheek as they sing “Silent Night.”  If only we could see into their minds.  But one thing is certain.  They believe in the Christ child.  He was born for them.  Several years ago an older woman told me this is what I pray every night, “Dear God, give me a childlike faith so I can accept Jesus as my Savior.” 

Listen to the children this coming Sunday.  Listen with childlike ears and be willing to let God reveal Jesus, His Son, born in a manger for you and for me.

…Pastor Bill