A Note from Pastor Bill: Life in 2018

What value do you place on people? What if someone becomes physically or mentally challenged?  What if a test detects cancer?  What if one is unable to financially support himself or herself?  What if one becomes terminally ill and requires long term care?  What if one is diagnosed with an incurable disease?  What if one ends up in a bad marriage or a dysfunctional life? 

In these situations, does a person’s value diminish?  Is the value of human life about achievement or success?  Is there a physical or intellectual measurement to value a human life?  Is our culture changing so that space is limited to only people that add value to society?  Do you believe there is growing acceptance of eugenics which divides people according to their value? 

It has been 45 years since Roe vs. Wade made any reason of choice to end a pregnancy legal.  Sixty million babies have been aborted in the United States since 1973.    Sixty million babies are aborted globally ever year.   What was once a tragic necessity has become an accepted solution.  Abortion is the most common surgical procedure in America, following circumcision.    Where is the value in all of that?

The value of life is not based on some capacity to perform or some measurement of human reason or understanding.  Everything that has life, which moves, develops and grows, has value because there is a Creator.  Our Creator God gives life.  And because God gives life He also loves His creation.  He loves His creation so much that He sent Jesus to this earth to re-establish His creation.  God allowed His Son to become our flesh and bones.  The hands of His Son would be extended on the cross to die for the sins of the world.  And by the power of God, His Son was brought back from death to life to reveal to all people the value of life.

As God touches you with His life, He partners with you to preserve and protect the value of human life.  Dr. Martin Luther calls us “the hands, the channel, the means” through which God bestows all blessings.  And part of that bestowal of blessings is to continue in our lives to function as God’s instruments for the well-being of others so that we protect and value human life from conception to the grave. 

…Pastor Bill


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