A Note from Pastor Dinger

One of the simple yet more difficult things about starting a new year is that you have to get used to writing ‘2019’ instead of ‘2018’.  I have had to correct myself already countless times and the year has just started.  Writing ‘2018’ has become a habit that has been formed all year long and changing that habit will take a good deal of effort to break and begin to write the correct year.

I have developed my own habits of leading worship and ministry for the last decade in New Jersey, and it will take me a great deal of effort of to learn our way of doing things, but until then I will be sure to look foolish from time to time.  

Our lives are full of habits, lots of little things we do each day without much thought or concern because we have just learned to do them over time and with great repetition.  Each of these things started as awkward activities but over time we have just become used to doing them, and now it would be more awkward to not do it.

For how many of us is daily reading of God’s Word truly a habit?  At times, regrettably it’s not my habit.  All of us would probably agree that it is good to read God’s Word, but for some reason, be it sinful negligence or simple laziness, we don’t.  It is awkward at first, or we don’t know where to start or how to do it.

But here is some encouragement, research shows that it takes between 18 and 66 days to form a new habit.  Also, most of us really want to be regular in prayer and in God’s Word.  Finally, the Spirit of God wants to be with you there as well - and through it he brings great gifts of peace, comfort, and assurance of his forgiveness. 

Join me for the next 66 days (that’s until March 6, which is Ash Wednesday) to build a new habit of daily prayer and devotion.  We have a great blessing here at Timothy to have a multitude of opportunities for group Bible studies, Sunday morning, Wednesday mornings, and two on Thursday mornings. Join us making God’s Word a habit worth keeping.

Pastor Dinger