A Note from Pastor Dinger

On Saturday we came to the Twelfth Day of Christmas, how many of you gave your true love twelve drummers drumming?  Today is called Epiphany, in many parts of the world in the church this is a much more celebrated day than Christmas because on Epiphany we celebrate that Christ Jesus was revealed not just to be a real human but was also the real God.

The word epiphany means “illuminate, reveal, sudden perception of the essential nature of something”

So on Epiphany we remember that God revealed to astrologers (magi) from the East that this child Jesus, is God in the flesh.  This isn’t something that they could figure out on their own, and it’s not something that any of us could figure out on our own, no matter how wise or smart or spiritually attuned you might be.

We thank God that he has revealed to us his full nature in Jesus and that he continues to reveal himself to us - in baptism, in a sermon, in the Lord’s Supper, a moment of clarity while reading His Word, in the compassionate listening ear of a fellow Christian.

Let us pray that during this Epiphany season the Lord will continue to show Himself to us as the Lord and Giver of Life - the Savior for the whole world.

Pastor Dinger