A Note from Pastor Dinger 2/3/2019

From Pastor Dinger:

I don’t enjoy this extreme cold weather, you might, but I certainly can't wait till Spring comes! When the warmth of the sun melts through all that is frozen and springs forth new life from the dead ground.

God’s love and power is like that - it melts through thick ice, and infuses life into all things!  When His love penetrates our frozen heart, he brings new life in us. 

Even after knowing the Lord, our love can still grow cold.?  It is often because we stay so far away from Him, going to church, but not bringing him with us, to warm us to the coldness of the world. 

The world is cold to the things of God -- but as Saints, let’s not let the world numb us with its coldness; instead let us be a fire for the world, melting the frozen world around us!

Let's not get iced over with the snow, and freezing winter weather, (for those of us who are shivering through it just now), or even worse, the cold hard world around us. The Lord our God is our sun and shield. His warmth will fill us and will radiate out into the lives of others as we abide in His loving, warming Presence.