A Note from Pastor Dinger 4/7/2019

Many attics and garages are full of our bent and broken stuff. We hold on to these things with the thought that one day we will fix them. Our lives are full of things that we just can’t fix, broken relationships, broken trust, broken reputations. Satan is the chief source of our brokenness. His lies strip away our trust in God’s baptismal promises and Gospel joy. His deceptions lead us to whisper wicked words and lunge for lustful looks and hate with hard hearts and go on in godless gossip. The end result is a heart cluttered with brokenness that we keep hidden to keep everyone clueless. But it makes us completely hopeless.
Yet, God promise to heal his people. This is true Peace. For Peace to be ours the Savior had to be paraded outside of Jerusalem to a place called the Skull, were people were intentionally bent and broken, maimed and mauled, and then systematically thrown away. But on the third day he rose again from the dead. He appeared to his disciples and said - Peace be with you. Peace is given in a concrete way and in a specific place. In the Lord’s Supper we receive the true Body and Blood of Jesus that completely forgives all our sins. And this forgiveness begins to put our broken pieces back together again.
Jesus enters our attics and takes what is faithless, hopeless and lifeless and fixes us with a peace that is endless until that last day when everything will be restored and transformed and in that place we will sing an Easter Hallelujah that will be deathless and endless.