A Note from Pastor Dinger 6/8/2019

The America’s Cup is a yachting race that has been held since 1851 and amazingly it had been won by the New York Yachting Club every year until 1983, when Australia entered the scene. After six races the two yachts were neck and neck – tied 3 to 3. Normally, a forgotten sport, now the whole world began to pay attention to yachting. The crews were ready. Boats were ready. The world was ready – but there was no race. There was no wind. No wind means no race.
Wind. It is invisible, yet powerful. It can be soft and gentle or violent and destructive. It can make the trees rustle or rip them out of the ground.
Jesus says that the Holy Spirit is like the wind. In the lives of Christians, as in yachting, no wind – no moving – no race. Without the Spirit of God, we don’t move. Without the Holy Spirit, we have no power. All our best efforts and strategies and work in the church are pointless unless it is powered by the Spirit of God.
Let’s continue to pray for the Spirit of God to empower us for His service to Him and to the world – to move us with his power.