A Note from Pastor Rall

From the Pastor…

Letter to the Congregation (Read during worship on Sunday, December 9, 2018)

Dear Friends in Christ, 

I have asked Pastor Wilson to read this to you on Sunday, because we will be in San Diego with family for the Christmas season. This will be the first time in 37 years that we have not been at Timothy to join in Advent and Christmas services. But we will have the opportunity to be with all of our children and grandchildren, so that will be a great joy. 

It was a wonderful to be able to participate in the installation of Pastor Dinger last Sunday. You can be thankful to God that He has answered the prayers of our congregation and brought Pastor Dinger and his family to Timothy to lead us in the wonderful ministry that He has set before us. Please pray that God would let His hand of blessing rest on Pastor Dinger as he begins his ministry here. We will do all that we can to support, encourage, and “hold up his hands” in this ministry that we all share.  As you probably know, we are also committed to serving the Gutnius Lutheran Church in PNG for about 5 months each year. We will be leaving for PNG the first part of February and will return in April. I am excited to be able to work with Pastor Dinger and Pastor Wilson and the rest of the staff at Timothy when we are here. 

We will see you in January when we return from San Diego. Timothy has been our “family” for more than half of our lives and we love you all for the partnership which we have shared. You have been tremendous blessings to us and our family and we look forward to future opportunities to work together in the Lord’s vineyard.

God’s richest blessings in this Advent and Christmas season,

Pastor Ron and Mary Anne