A Note from Pastor Rall

From the Pastor…

As the congregation continues the call process in our search for a lead pastor, Mary Anne and I would like to update you on what’s going on with us!  As most of you know, I have received a part-time call from the Board for Missions to spend 4 months of each year in Papua New Guinea, where I will continue to teach at the Pidgin language seminary and conduct workshops for pastors and evangelists.  We now have our work permits and are waiting for entry permits.  We are hoping to receive those in the next few weeks.  We have BEEN hoping to receive those since April, but it looks more promising lately!

With the approval of the Board of Elders and the Church Council, I started on half-salary beginning in July.  We thought that by taking half salary it would free up more funds for other budget items at Timothy, and we will be gone for two months in PNG if our entry permit is approved.  Once the new pastor comes, we will be away from Timothy for 3 months.  At the request of the Church Council, we have signed a covenant to that effect. While we are here, I will continue to serve in every way possible, not restricting my time commitment in ministry.  I know that when the new pastor comes to Timothy, my involvement (and Mary Anne’s) will be solely at the discretion of the new pastor.  Whether or not he will want my participation or Mary Anne’s involvement in the music ministry will be up to him.

We know that the God has the right person already chosen for Timothy and we continue to pray that the Holy Spirit would guide our congregation to that person. It has been one of the great privileges of our lives to be part of the Timothy family and we hope that will continue!

 …Pastor Rall