A Note from Pastor Rall: Renewing Your Strength

The Old Testament reading for this week, Isaiah 40:21-31, begins a new section of Isaiah’s prophetic message with a powerful affirmation of what God has done and can do.  His great power, which is unlimited and undiminished, provided comfort and hope for God’s people who had been experiencing His judgment in the exile in Babylon.

Isaiah assures those who doubt God’s promises or His power that there is no other god who is comparable to Yahweh.  He is the very One who “stretches out the heavens like a curtain,” who “brings princes to nothing.”  He weighs the mountains on a scale, holds the crust of the earth in a basket, and measures out the waters in the hallow of His hand.  To Him the nations are like a drop in a bucket and the islands like fine dust.  He is the Creator, who created the starry host, called them all by name, and who can wither powerful nations with the breath of his nostrils.

Isaiah assures the people of Judah that Yahweh cares for His people and has not forgotten His covenant promises.  He is coming to deliver His people and restore their kingdom.  He will tend His flock like a shepherd.  He cares for His people.  No one should think that Yahweh has forgotten them or that “my cause is disregarded” by the One who created them.

He is a God who never tires or grows weary and He imparts His strength to those who are His.  Those who put their trust in Him will be renewed in their strength.  The prophet uses the picture of a soaring eagle to describe how God lifts up the weak and weary.  The eagle mounts up high in the sky, not by the strength of its wings or the ceaseless beating of those wings, but rather it soars to great heights as the wind currents under its wings bear it ever higher.  It is not by our own strength that we endure the trials of life and are sustained during times of weakness.  It is rather when we lean upon the everlasting arms of our Savior and allow Him to bear us up that we can continue to “run and not be weary and walk without fainting.”

…Pastor Rall