A Note from Pastor Rall: On the Road Again!

Mary Anne and I are once again on our way to Papua New Guinea to offer our help to the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church.  We go as representatives of the Papua New Guinea Mission Society to help support the work of the GLC.  We will return to St. Louis on Sept. 5th.

While we are in PNG we have a former missionary house at Birip, which is the location of Timoti Luteran Semineri, the Pidgin language seminary of the GLC, as a place to stay.  The primary work that I am doing is continuing education for the pastors and evangelists of the GLC.  That means I will be conducting two day workshops in various circuits of the six regional areas that the church covers.  Many of those areas are accessible by road and we have the use of a four wheel drive vehicle, thanks to one of the leading laymen of the church who owns a trucking business.  There are several areas that can only be reached by plane and we use MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) to get there.

I am hoping to teach several courses at the Birip Seminary while I am there.  This is a challenging time for the church in PNG as some false prophets have been leading people astray with their message and some pastors and evangelists have fallen into this deception.  There is confusion about the work of the Holy Spirit, a lack of understanding about the stewardship of God’s gifts, and a need to help pastors and evangelists to proclaim the Law and Gospel clearly and distinctly.  At the same time there is richness in the faith of the people there who know how to live in contentment and joy with what God provides.

Mary Anne and I are always thankful for your prayers and for your willingness to support this mission by allowing us to go each year to serve the church in PNG.  It is a blessing to us that you consider this as an integral part of your mission that extends well beyond Timothy!

Pastor Rall