A Note from Pastor Teddy

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime” Unknown source.

It is conventional to say that most immigrants are educated, skilled, and have some job or technical experiences in their home countries before their first job in the US. However, to get a job that is congruent with their education, skill, and experience is not an easy journey. To improve themselves and being fit at the US job industry demand, required extra efforts and commitments on getting education. This is also another challenges and difficult for the new Americans, who are often limited by language, by the nature of job they do, usually entry level job, and by the work schedules and family commitments. So most immigrants by large trapped in an entry level and low-wage jobs.

Considering this reality  the Ethiopian and Eritrean Bible fellowship under CFNA open a new program called Skill Enhancement Program (SEP) for new Americans. Pastor Teddy envisioned and developed this new program to help the New Americans who brought skills from their native country, but have encountered barriers to work in the United States, for example nursing.  Currently, there are 16 people enrolled in this program and the focus of the first program is to train and certify them on Home Health Aid/HHA/a stepping stone to develop their career on the medical field. The program works through taking an on-line course, pass the final test, become certified and then gain employment. 

Their effort for success and completion of the HHA and becoming a certified HHA will be enhanced by accesses the course for 24/7 everywhere, allowing students to schedule their class time around other responsibilities, and with an assigned Mentor for tutoring and mentorship support to help them overcome life challenges and personal circumstances that can create barriers to their educational success. Although the courses are virtual, student attendance is required for devotion, successful participation, and establishes and develops relationship which can leads them to connect with the Ethiopian and Eritreans Bible Fellowship.

This program has been made possible from a grant from the Grace Lutheran Foundation and significant leadership role of CFNA colleagues. Their contribution to this program will help not only the individuals who are going one step close to their career but also the families under their provision.


…Pastor Teddy