From Pastor Rall and Mary Anne..

Dear Timothy Family,

Thank you so much for sending us off to PNG with a blessing last Sunday. We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are for your prayerful support!  Knowing that you are keeping us in your prayers makes the days so much more joyful! 

We will be in PNG for 10 weeks while Ron teaches at Timothy Seminary; he’ll be teaching homiletics, Hosea, Amos, and The Work of the Pastor from Mondays thru Thursdays.  On the weekends we will go out into bush congregations for classes. 

We just heard that one of the more infamous false prophets, who calls himself the Messiah, wants to have theological (?) discussions with Ron, Bishop Niketomas and some of the other pastors of the Gutnius Lutheran Church.  These “discussions” sometimes become very heated so we ask your prayers that they would bear fruit and remain peaceful. 

Also, we want to thank you for the contributions from the Sunday morning Bible class (and now the envelopes in your boxes!) toward the work in PNG.  This trip, we were able to pay for the worship book that Ron translated.  We had 500 copies printed—with laminated covers!—for the worship leaders and congregants in the bush, thanks to your generosity.  We were also able to ship booklets for the seminary classes and pay the customs charges.  These books will be waiting for us when we arrive.  We also take small cross necklaces and armbands to distribute as mementoes of the classes.  These may seem insignificant but they are very important to the people we serve.  Thank you

We will be praying for you every day.  We miss being with you every Sunday, but hope to be back for weekly worship before Easter.  By the way, we occasionally have internet and would love to hear from you:  We’re taking the Timothy Directory with us so we can go through it and pray especially for 2 or 3 families each day.   God keep you all!

Love, Pastor Ron and Mary Anne