The Ralls Thank You!

Thank you!!  Many of you know that the offering from one of the Bible classes on Sunday mornings is used to support the needs of the Gutnius (Good News) Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea.  We thought you might like to know exactly what kind of support we were able to give during our visit:

*The electricity from the PNG power company is sketchy at best.  About 4 days after we arrived in New Guinea, Ron flew out to a bush station and was gone 6 days.  The PNG power was off almost the entire time; unfortunately, our generator broke at the same time.  It was a pretty dark and lonely time…but thanks to Timothy, we now have a new generator for the Papua New Guinea Mission Society house!  Thank you!

*Many of the pastors receive very little compensation for their work and are often in need of a little help for transportation or food.  We were able to help Bishop Nicodemus, Pastor Jeremiah, Pastor Philip, Bishop Iseta and others.  Thank you!

*Because of the books and papers for Ron’s classes, many pairs of reading glasses and other small gifts of crosses, paraments and vestments, we were significantly overweight in the luggage department.  Timothy covered some of the excess luggage.  Thank you!

*Ron held a pastors’ conference—2 days of classes—for more than 60 pastors from up and down the main valley.  We were able to provide sweet potato meals and even a final meal of pork, potatoes and greens for all who attended.  Some had walked for hours to get to the Seminary.  Thank you!

*Because many of the congregations are in the bush, inaccessible by road, there is a need for air transportation using MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship).  We were able to establish an account using US $2,000 (which translates into more than 6,000 kina) to enable Bishop Nicodemus to send pastors and evangelists out to these areas.  Thank you!

*Finally, the newest missionary is Dr. Martin Dicke, a musician who is teaching the Sem students to play the guitar.  Ted Wuerffel actually started this ministry last year on his visit!  Guitars are perfect for the hills of PNG and  “starter” guitars are relatively inexpensive.  We gave Dr. Dicke enough money to buy 7 or 8 guitars.  Thank you!

Most of all, we are thankful for all the prayers raised on our behalf while we travelled in PNG.  There were so many times when we actually felt God’s protective hands surrounding us.  Thank you for your love and prayers!

Pastor Rall and Mary Anne