Recognition of Our Many Volunteers & Helpers from 2017

We would like to express our thanks and give all of YOU the opportunity to personally thank the people who contribute to the well-being of Timothy in so many ways.

We are especially thankful for: 
...Melonie Robinson, who volunteers in the office every Friday and drives a school van, transporting children to school and church. She also takes care of the transportation billing.
...Chris Thomas, who also transports immigrants to school and to church on Sundays.
...Ed Ewertowski, who manages Timothy's rental properties.
...Dave Sanders and Pauline Kolb, who replenish attendance and visitor cards and pencil in the pews every week.
...Larry Hawkins, who keeps Timothy vehicles on the road-safely.
...Rosalie Schmidt, who has worked as an office volunteer for YEARS, faithfully recording and keeping track of offerings.
...our Sunday School Teachers & Helpers:
Gina Hawkins and Amanda Bello (PK/K), Emily Perschbacher(1_2)  Sherry Bolosan sub Erik Herrmann and Frank Kohn(3_4) Sue Koch and Sue Thomas (5_6) Holly Feldman(Nursery) Lauren Butz sub Laura Thompson and Fieldworkers (opening) Mustapha Passawe, Jason Fluegge, Rich Roden - SS Helpers Sue Koch - Sunday School Attendance Jim & Cynthia Rice - Monday School
Youth Bible Classes:  Amanda Myers and Gary Krekow - Jr Youth, Jessica Bordeleau, Casey Kegley, Mark Thompson - Sr. Youth, College Age/Young Adult Bible Classes -- Cyril Loum, Maureen Bertarelli, Margaret Rall, Andy Vu
Transportation Sunday-Chris Thomas, Melonie Robinson, Tim Schrader, and Bob Fischer.
...Adrian Bordeleau, for his work on video testimonies for the confirmands and his beer making for the Christmas market
...Frank Kohn, for serving as lector, operating the power point, and ALWAYS being willing to fill in at the last minute!
...Philip Perschbacher, for using both his artistic and musical gifts to enhance worship
...Becca Gadeken Oschwald, for playing her cello for special services 
...Shirley Jeude, who sings in the choir and works tirelessly in the Food Pantry
...Sue Thomas, president of LWIM, who volunteers countless hours whenever asked-especially for funeral dinners and special celebrations 
...Jane Cauchon, Nanette Dost, Anne Mangels and Judith Meyer who coordinate and teach our Stephen Ministers
...Abby Wuerffel, who directs the choir, brass and small music groups, bringing all kinds of joy to the congregation!
...Ted Wuerffel, who is always available to help with Bible Class, transportation, heavy lifting, and most importantly- music,!
...David Maxwell and Aaron Schmeerbauch, organists on call and ready to play!
...Erik Herrmann, Bible Class, Sunday School, and Confirmation teacher.  In his spare time he teaches at the Seminary.
We are also thankful for our teams of "counters," who count and record the offerings each week Missi Roden, Eileen Mueller, Nancy Weir, Andre Ranney, Gerald Brewah, Jennifer Petrus, Ed Ewertoski, Larry Copley, Armen Kayarian, Sue Thomas, Pat Diehl, Sandy Buege, and Tiffany Wohlstadter
... our Maranatha singers and musicians: Director Maureen Bertarelli, Phil Ebeling (keyboard), Rick Steenbock (guitar), Rich Roden (bass), Nourdenne Ha (percussion), and singers: Carla and John Hagan, Steve Meyer, Megan Schultz, Lauren Butz, Jessica Bordeleau, Marla Steenbock. Margaret and Mary Anne Rall ...our small but mighty choir: the Wuerffels, Judith Meyer, Carol Novak, Alice Paul, Jessica Bordeleau, Christine Krekow (subbing as Director), John and Carla Hagan, Margaret and Mary Anne Rall, Kari, Chau and James Vo, Megan Schultz, Sue Nielsen, Holly Feldman, Shirley Jeude, Pauline Kolb, and Amanda Myers.
...our bell choir:  Holly Feldman (director), Glenn and Sue Nielsen, Lana Feldman, Cheryl O'Neill, Danny Clemens, Wendy Rush, and Carolyn Weinhold.
...all the "behind the scenes" people who work so hard and may not have been mentioned by name.
...the "in front of the scenes" people, our pastors and leaders here at Timothy.
And thanks to God also for
... Mark Thompson, our director of youth and family ministries who also has the challenging transportation ministry.
...Pastor Vo, our pastor to the Vietnamese congregation.
...Vicar Cyril Loum, working with Caring Ministries and filling in as necessary in other roles.
...Kathy Willhite, our office manager.
...Pastor Rall and Pastor Wilson, caring shepherds, giving spiritual leadership and direction to us sometimes wandering "sheep."  As we mentioned last year, Henry Ward Beecher said, "There is nothing in the long run that can withstand a wise tenderness, a gentle benevolence, and a sympathy that melts the heart by a genial fervor, and which is continued in season and out of season, in sickness and in health, year in and year out."  Thank you, dear Shepherds!

We are thankful for all of you-thankful that God has sent you to Timothy, and thankful that you graciously use your gifts so generously in God's kingdom!