So Many Reasons for Gratitude, So Many Options for Generosity

During the season of Thanksgiving, leading to the season of celebrating Christ’s birth, believers relish thoughts of God’s goodness. Faith-filled hearts recognize that gratitude to God for the many blessings given is important. Each blessing, whether recognized or not, gives reason to share and spread God’s infinite generosity to others.

For an unbelieving heart, it is difficult to see such cause for thankfulness. However, the believer recognizes that all material, mental, physical and spiritual blessings come from God the Father of Creation. Immortality comes from the redemptive life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Messiah. All comfort and assurance of peace comes from God’s Holy Spirit. From such good news or Gospel blessings flow the myriad reasons to live in joyful gratitude. This motivates a response of generosity.

This gratitude, a gift in and of itself, causes Christian people to express generosity to loved ones. For those motivated in faith, this generosity also extends to and includes cherished ministries as extensions of the ‘home.’ Faith realizes a calling to share such GOOD NEWS with others beyond our own. 

Like reasons for gratitude, so also the options for expressing generosity are many! Generosity can use time, acts of service, prayers and contributions of money to bless ministry or provide mercy. Although Lutheran Christians don’t concentrate on our own ‘good works,’ these acts of generosity, “prepared in advance for us to do,”, are powerful evidence of God working through us.

When expressing their generosity toward others, people usually hope to choose options that bless those they seek to help, rather than curse them. Likewise, when people contribute money or wealth, their intent is to give in the most effective manner. For guidance, let us help you learn options that fit your God-given intent.

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