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Sunday School @ Home

Sunday School @ Home

Summer Update

With the return of limited in-person worship (please register in advance) along with the continuation of live-streaming online worship participation, we are all anxious to get back to normal Sunday School. However due to ongoing restrictions and precautions from our district leaders, we will continue to Sunday School at Home until things are safe to open to that level.

Opening Time

Your children may know songs they learned at Sunday School or VBS.  Song leadership may be their job during your At-Home-Opening.  Singing is an important way to start a learning time because it is fun, engaging and uses people’s gifts together.  Prayers can be shared in creative ways as well, depending on the age of your children. Occasionally we will post a video opening - and families can volunteer to do that so we can involve everyone and see some friends and faces again!

You can watch any of the opening videos on our Youtube channel. www.youtube.com/timothystl

The Lesson - NEW for Summer

Our Sunday School this summer is using materials from Sermons 4 Kids. We mailed out lessons and instructions for the first week, but in the future please access the weekly lessons at the link below. IF you still need lessons mailed to you, please request that by calling church or emailing DCE Mark.

Summer Sunday School Curriculum

Here is the link to drive with videos, activities and lessons for the summer: 

Link to Summer Sunday School Curriculum - Google Drive

When you navigate to the drive you see a file with the upcoming Sunday's date. You will find available:

Lessons - you are encouraged to select the At-Home Variation Button

Activities - coloring pages, word search, crossword puzzles, quizzes and more

Videos - MP4 video of the story

More - discussion guides, handouts and more

Working the Lesson at Home

As you get into each lesson you may find supply lists and other lesson prep that you don’t have in your home.  That is okay! When you look through the lesson, feel free to cross out items that don’t work for you.  Take advantage of what does work.  Feel free to add or change a suggested item to something you have.

You are also encouraged to take advantage of your parenting knowledge of your children.  If they like to draw and color, make that activity a bigger part of the lesson. If they like to act out the story or engage in a puppet show, you can use that to tell the story.   There may be parts of the lesson where it is appropriate for the children to be the leader.

Devotions and other faith building routines have also been made available online by CPH, you can find them linked here.

Change is an opportunity to grow

With these changes we see opportunity in the interruption of patterns and habits.  We believe the church is a family of believers as children of God.  The church is made up of families, and this family is the primary place where faith is nurtured.  Children hear first of Jesus and the Gospel in their homes as small children.  Parents tell and read to their children before they can read for themselves.  During this time where larger gatherings are being discouraged, parents have the opportunity to engage in their own “Bible class” learning and leading – along with Sunday School.  The first words we see in Luther’s Small Catechism are “As the head of the family should teach them in a simple way to his household.”  God be with you as you spend your Sunday School hour with your children at home, and in your Bible study and devotions together.  Let us all take advantage of a time where we are home more often with the people we have been charged to care for physically, emotionally and spiritually.  God be with you! 

Youth Lesson on Zoom

Teens will continue to have their Zoom Bible Class each Sunday at 9:30am. Each week our Youth have a lesson using Zoom video conferencing. Our teens can join the class by using their computer or smart phone. Search Zoom for the app. A meeting invite will be posted on Facebook. If you would like the invite another way – let DCE Mark know how the best way for you to get it.