Vacation Bible School

An annual summertime event bringing joy in Christ to the children & families of our community.

Vacation Bible School

Click here to Register for Timothy Lutheran's 2020 VBS program!

Event Timing: Saturdays in August 2020

Event Address: Virtual! We provide the supplies, videos, and resources -- you do VBS at home, in your backyard, in your playroom, etc.

Details: Register for our VBS and we will supply you with a home-based Bible adventure that you can do at your own pace. It is designed to do the VBS days 1-5 over the five weekends in August.

We supply your VBS at home with a craft kit, Bible Adventure, and music CD while supplies last. The kit will include materials for all 5 VBS days. Everything else will be sent to your email address. The 5 VBS DAY emails will contain video which will guide you through the theme, Bible story, and prayer. This email containing the theme/content for that weekend will go out on or before each of the Fridays in August. Do it all at once, or split it up to take breaks or over multiple days. Whatever works best for your family.

Each "day" will give links to stream music and video on your home device: computer, tablet, smart TV or phone - whatever connects to the internet and can play TimothySTL YouTube videos. Each email will have links to a pre-recorded Timothy VBS team video, a Bible Buddy story, and songs you can watch to learn the actions and sing along. The craft kit and printed Bible adventure guide is what you pick up from Timothy or at your door. And we have the Everest Sing and Play Music CDs available for FREE if you would like one - while supplies last.

When you register you can also choose to interact with other VBS participants and share your family experience with others. With your permission we will invite you to our private Facebook group set up for you to share your photos, videos or responses to the daily challenge. This is a safe way to interact and see friends during this time when VBS is done in our homes, but we can be reminded that we are still together in sharing our faith and family fun!

God’s blessings on your VBS at home adventure!